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X Factor Plumbing is a local family owned company who specialize in all aspects of plumbing ranging from major commercial projects to a simple leaking tap.
With having a team of 5 tradesman our aim is to provide a prompt and efficient service as we understand the importance of maintenance issues being attended to as soon as possible. Some plumbers are known for being unreliable as well as at times unreachable, because of this we have a strict policy in our company to go to all means necessary to arrange a time to rectify the issues at hand which best suits the client.

Plumbers sometimes can get busy very quickly in the maintenance field as a potentially simple blocked drain can escalate quite quickly to a major drain replacement. As most maintenance plumbers will have to outsource machinery to rectify these works which can lead to the job being delayed and most importantly more cost put on the client. That is where X Factor Plumbing will benefit you as a potential contractor as we own our machinery from a 2.5 tonne Kubota excavator as well as a case skid steer. Having all these on hands and readily available means all the jobs can be done quickly and are easier on the pocket of the client. All our machines are near new and are well maintained.

Old fashion values we like to use in our company, honesty, well presented and reliability are hard to come by these days but at X Factor we try our very best to uphold these values at all times.