Toowoomba Hot Water

Do you have issues with your hot water system or are you looking for a new hot water unit option?

With over 15 years’ experience in the field, X Factor Plumbing will be able to assess and determine the required repairs, or the best hot water system for you.

We determine the best option for you based on your hot water usage, location of hot water heaters, orientation of house, gas or power supply, solar government rebates and number of bathrooms.

X Factor Plumbing hot water services include:

  • Electric hot water installations, hot water tanks & hot water heaters
  • Rheem, Rianni, Bosch hot water system options available
  • Repairs and servicing of existing hot water units
  • Leaking valve and valve replacements on hot water systems
  • Solutions for low hot water pressure
  • Gas hot water system quotes, hot water gas installations
  • Professionally licenced gas fitters and installers
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Instantaneous hot water units.

To get the best hot water solution tailored to your specific business or home requirements, call X Factor Plumbing on 1300 091 878